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Getting Twitter and Facebook cookies when I go to Chase bank website. They say it's Firefox adding them

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Hi, I am quite aggressive about deleting my cookies and love that option offered in Firefox Tools/Options/Privacy to get rid of them if you want to. OK so, I cleared my cash and went to (but didn't sign into) the Chase Bank website, (https://chaseonline.chase.com/) and I noticed once that there were Twitter.com and Facebook.com and Google.com cookies added. I thought I didn't clean my cash beforehand so, I cleaned it and went to the Chase website again and, the Twitter.com and Facebook.com and Google.com cookies were added along with a few Chase.com cookies. I called Chase bank about this tonight and they said that they are not adding these cookies. They only add security cookies AFTER you sign in to identify the computer you are using. She told me that it is Firefox adding these cookies. I didn't believe her but, she wouldn't budge on the matter and gave me what she said was a Firefox telephone number to call about this issue. I called and there was no message saying it had anything to do with Firefox. Only an option to leave a message so, not knowing who the number belonged to, I didn't leave a message. I figured I'd ask my question on the forum. I took a screen shot and uploaded what shows up in the cookies when I go to the website. Thanks for your help guys.

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P.S. There are also a few cookies from Chase too but, you can't see them because only 6 cookies from the list will appear at a time in the window.

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