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I get freezing, getting stuck etc on Firefox; I also have been getting disc corruption and the disc files have to be deleted and restored, ?

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usually happens playing videos on facebook or clicking on links to dailykos headlines. I have to turn the computer off entirely bypassing the normal shut down proceedure in order to undo the freezing. When I restart the computer it goes back to the freezing place and gets stuck again. There was a brief flash that said a webpage was causing the problem in yellow at the top of the screen; it lasted about 3 sec and then disappeared. after 3 times of trying the normal shut down after restarting my computer required a rather lengthy disc scan (3 indices) where many files were deleted and restored. I would like to continue using firefox but I am confused about why this is happening. What is my computer doing while freezing if indeed it is a webpage that is causing this to happen. I used malwarebytes anti virus and microsoft security essentials scans regularly and use good internet habits. Is this somehow related to the recent Intel invasion? So I just got a message about an installed plugin, Shockwave Flash 28.0 r0. I guess this means I should deactivate it?

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