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Suggestion: Make Find tool stay on, from tab to tab.

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I find it annoying that I have the Find tool on, then open another page in a tab and it's off, or navigate away from a page and have the Find box go away. That box isn't very big and in the way, and it would much better to keep that box open ALL THE TIME. Having to press CTRL+F evertime I need it, is painful. Okay, so I'm lazy! But I don't think it would impair the user's ability to view a page. That row it sits in is as high as only one line of text!

How about implementing this, Mozilla? I mean, your browser is the browser of choice. It's superb at viewing images and retrieving image information. It plays Youtubes and other videos flawlessly. It's as fast as Google's Chrome at performing a search across the net. Firefox wrocks! It would only wrock a little more if one could enable this feature and leave it on all the time. I do a lot of research, and finding a phrase on a page at Wikipedia or elsewhere is performed often. So let's allow new tabs to have the tool on if it is already on, and let's leave it on until we purposely turn it off.


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Don't post more than one support thread per issue. Closed as duplicate of https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1186574