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Can't remove focus from address bar using Esc key.

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Before upgrading to the new Firefox, if the focus (i.e. the cursor) was on the address bar (aka the search bar), then pressing the Esc key would remove focus. However, after upgrading, once focus is put on the address bar, pressing Esc doesn't seem to do a thing, and I can't get out of editting the address bar unless I click the webpage with my mouse.

Is this a problem with my browser, or is that the way it is now? Could you possibly make it so pressing Esc removes focus from the address bar again?

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If there's something in about:config I can edit to fix this behavior, that would also be great.

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Aren't you confused with the F6 key to switch the focus between the location/address bar and the website area?

Maybe you had an extension that worked this way, but AFAIK then ESC doesn't affect the focus, it merely restored modification you made (undo action.

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That's odd.... I don't think any of my extensions would've done that, but it's fine. F6 works fine.

Would you happen to know if there's any way to make ESC remove focus from the address bar though? Or in other words, make Esc work just as well as F6.

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If you are using macOS, you would probably like to try out Karabiner https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/. It can help you remap keys: specifically, remap keys in certain App, e.g. Firefox.

So for me, I solve this by map CMD+L to F6 in Firefox (if you want, I believe you can map Esc to F6). As a result, I can press CMD+L to focus the address bar and then press it again to de-focus. I hope it helpful.

For what it worth, here is the snippet I use to bind the keymap: