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How after downloading a picture can I share with others

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In years gone by, downloading photos was a simple step download go onto my picture file allowing me to share, now cannot do logging onto windows media the pictures are there though cannot share, how do I simply resolve this, yes my drivers are up to date.


PS: Why is this download taking so long ?

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Please consider turning on send info to Mozilla before posting a question. This helps us help you. As I have no info from your system that would help see things that cause issues.

No idea what you are talking about. Downloading photos is a simple step. Picture File ??? And what are you sharing it with ??? What program or extension ??? Logging onto what windows media ??? And Windows media is not a Firefox Support Issue. Again how are you sharing them ???

If you are sharing them with something of Windows that is online then it is not a Firefox Support Issue.

Be concise and step by step and give location names, program names, web site names.

No idea what you are talking about.