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any website I access (amazon,Ebay, etc.) displays prices in Canadian dollars on my browser and not US dollars and I live in Texas, USA

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You can check the order of the installed languages.

  • Options/Preferences -> Content -> Languages

You can use websites like these to see how your location is reported via a reverse DNS look up of your IP:

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Also, check the website settings.

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I had done my due diligence before I asked the question (location settings, etc.). The links provided showed different locations based on my IP. The first link came back as Ottawa, Canada and the second link came back as Carrollton, TX which is the correct answer. is my IP. Help!

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rjordan48 said

I had done my due diligence before I asked the question (location settings, etc.). ... Help!

make sure your OS locale is correct

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I've checked your IP with some services and can confirm that some locate you in Canada. I can only assume this happens because their database doesn't include info for your IP and they fallback to a very basic sub domain and not the actual gateway that you are connected to. Google for instance has cars riding around to take screenshots to be used for their maps and check for hotspots at the same time. This allows them to build a database they can use to narrow the location of users connected to the same gateway. The database by that website isn't that precise in your case. You can try to contact the website and ask them to look into this and possibly switch to another geolocation service that is more reliable.