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script errors on one web site only

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I keep getting a script error on only one particular web site. The script errors have increased to the point it is difficult for me to use this web site service. The web site is Feedly.com, the RSS reader I use. I started having this issue a few months ago, very little. It has since increased to the point of being constant or multiply times a day. I tried to get help from Feedly. They told me to clear the browser cache. That did nothing. They said to start the browser in incognito with add-ons disabled...no change.

If I click on a link in the feed to go to a particular article on a web site, that web site also takes forever to load. If I use the Chrome browser, it does not take as long to load. If I use Safari, it is slow too, but not as bad as Firefox.

Do you have any other suggestions?

My current system: iMac 10.7 version (yes, I know, not updated yet) Firefox 48 (since I have not updated my OS yet, I can't update Firefox)

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Hi   !
If this happens on one website only,   you could try the YesScript add-on :

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Thank you, for responding.

I already tried YesScript. It completely stopped the RSS feed from loading, it was no help at all.

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Another thing you could do   (but this would not only affect this one website)  :
Type in the address bar   about:config (promise to be careul, if asked) Type and look for the preference : dom.max_script_run_time and change it's value to   30