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Sync is changing my preferences as I move between computers

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When I set my preferences for Firefox on Windows, I always make these two settings: 1.) Options --> General --> [check] Always ask me where to save files 2.) Options --> Security --> [uncheck] Remember logins for sites

Recently, I have noticed that as I move between computers where I use my Firefox sync account, these two settings are being changed without my intervention. I suspect that Firefox sync is responsible.

Even when I set the preferences correctly on one computer (like my laptop), when I go another computer (say, my desktop), the settings have been changed.

This is happening between several Windows computers in which I use the same Firefox sync account. I also use Firebox on Android. However, Settings --> Privacy --> Remember logins is unchecked on Android. I only seem to be experiencing the problem with Firefox sync on Windows computers.

I would really prefer that once I set a preference for Firefox, that it wouldn't change without my intervention.

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Best would be to set the related services.sync.prefs pref(s) to false to prevent syncing this specific pref.

  • only prefs that have a corresponding services.sync.prefs.sync.* pref that is set to true will be synced to other devices
  • if you want to sync additional prefs then you can create a corresponding Boolean sync pref yourself and set the value to true.
    • services.sync.prefs.sync.*
    • services.sync.prefs.sync.signon.rememberSignons = false
  • there are services.sync.prefs prefs related to set which prefs to sync and you can set the corresponding services.sync.prefs.sync.xxx pref to false to prevent syncing a pref