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How to find out the time and date of the websites/pages i visited ?

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Can anyone help me find the following:

I need some information on, How to find out the time and date that I visited certain websites/web pages in my that are in my Firefox history?

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You can make the "Most Recent Visit" column visible in the Bookmarks Manager (Library) via the Views menu (Views > Show Columns) or by right-clicking the header bar.

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Firefox's Library dialog only shows the latest visit, so if it's an address you visit often and you need to know the dates/times of earlier visits, you can use an add-on or third party utility for that. For example:

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See also this question:

Hi Everyone.

Can somebody help me with the following problem?

I need to find my history from over a year ago and get the time and date that I visited the web pages/websites from that far back?
example - 1st May 2015 

Thank you