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bad font smoothing in 52.0a2 (while clear in 51.0a2)

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Some wise crack decided to 'update' or 'improve' the font smoothness for all other FF MDN users...but without even giving the option/explanation how to adjust this to individual needs. As the clarity is much much worse, this is a health and safety matter brought to the worse (eyes overused/constantly trying to focus), so please explain how to fix/adjust this (without having to go to the advertisedly less secure previous versions), and do not rape users anymore into the abyss. Thx.

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You are using a pre-Release version of Firefox and as such you may encounter one or two unresolved issues. I recommend you report this as a bug so that it can be looked into in more depth and a solution found.

You can read more about how to do this here.

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If you have clear type disabled it now comes on by default, even in XP. They added skia to "gfx.content.azure.backends" and so removing that disables clear type again.

Bug 1298484 - Firefox is running in Clear Type mode by default

note the general issues tracker Bugzilla is not a discussion forum so please no why comments in that mentioned bug. Bugzilla etiquette

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Firefox 51.0 is currently being worked on the Beta channel and current build is at 51.0b2. There can be say six to twelve builds of a version on Beta channel.

52.0 has been on the Aurora channel since Nov 14 as it moved merged from Nightly and 53.0 started on Nightly.

The Aurora (aka developer edition) along with Nightly are development channels. They get checkins almost everyday so therefore they get a update each of those days. Sometimes this can mean issues until fixed, finished or reverted.

Release < Beta (b#) < Aurora (a2) < Nightly (a1)

spdgnzls said

(without having to go to the advertisedly less secure previous versions),

Firefox 50.0 Release is not less secure as builds on Aurora channel are not stable and a work in progress and 51.0 is on Beta channel currently.

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