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where is the exact page "embarrassing-restore?

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I booted my system this am and got the embarrass/restore page which worked. Mozilla asked if I wanted the upgrade, I said yes. I got 2 files downloaded Itunes and the 5.2 firefox upgrade. I ran both. Only the yahoo home page came up. I want to know where the exact page "embarrassing/restore is so I can bookmark for future problems.

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That page comes up when Firefox is trying to restore your previous content.

When something goes wrong Firefox tries specific files or backup files in a particular order, so that it will use the best not corrupted file it is able to find.

Firefox will do something similar with bookmarks, and that is a bit more user friendly, BUT take care if you consider experimenting with that because it will overwrite your current bookmarks,

I am not sure exactly what you updated. Firefox is currently Fx48.0.2 & will soon update to Fx49