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Firefox crashes

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getting reports of multiple OSs (windows, mac, linux) where firefox is crashing. this is all OSs and all versions from firefox ranging around version 35 - 43. some reinstalls have fixed the issue, some have not. starting in safe mode also still crashes.

i have attached crash IDs from one particular windows workstation:

Crash ID: bp-2b68fcea-d019-4e0a-bb75-0a2242160913 Crash ID: bp-80d9b8b5-6d1b-4513-a1b8-e2be52160913 Crash ID: bp-08cfcdc3-03d8-4687-9655-72e852160913 Crash ID: bp-c1037327-0e1d-4bb1-b154-c7ec42160913

any assistance or guidance on what the crash IDs mean would be helpful. if there is anything else i can provide please let me know. thanks.

Dave Yanez

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probably 30 times through all the things I tried the crash reporter opened and if I was connected (wasn't always) it SAID it sent reports, but it sure didn't save any on my hard drive - NOTHING dated today.

Mozilla, this sounds very serious. Please tell me how to remove EVERY SHRED OF MOZILLA from the REGISTRY so that a clean install MIGHT WORK. (apparently removing/renaming hidden folders and program folders doesn't help).

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hi dave, thanks for providing some of your crash report ids. we have seen quite a number of similar reports about this issue in the last hours and this issue is likely caused by your symantec security software that is hooking into firefox (probably through a program/signature update done by them). other users reported that updating firefox in this situation helped with the crashes. you can download & install the latest firefox from https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/

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Phillipp, since there are GOBS of reports on here that just downloading an update doesn't help, can you not provide more information, i.e. what to do with registry, %apps%/roaming (/local) Mozilla folders, program (86) folders.. erase, rename, remove, leave alone?

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@slswyoming if you need help on this issue and the tips already provided didn't help, i would suggest to open a new thread, otherwise it is getting complicated: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/new thanks!