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Clean install from jumpdrive - search found 5000 answers, even with quotes!

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Firefox crashed this morning. Latest update was july, don't do ANY AUTO UPDATES of ANY software. I have NO BROWSER, using another computer. Safe mode didn't work, FF safe didn't work, everything gave me CRASH REPORTER. I then tried to follow support suggestion/video to create new profile, but even that crashes.

I am writing this to access internet from an old WinXP machine. The one with Firefox crashed is windows 7, (whose IE is old & I won't update it) has no browser to access internet. So your automated "guesses" about opsys are meaningless for my problem.

Therefore, I need to download an install file for firefox and take it to my computer on a *jumpdrive* to install.

Before installing, I need instructions for how to remove Firefox from all folders on hard drive - even hidden Local,Roaming directories, remove from configuration files, and from REGISTRY.

Once the clean install is done, I need to know how to swap out the "saved bookmarks" folder from prior profiles, so I can get my bookmarks back. I don't do much programming anymore, but career stretches back to pre-DOS days, so any instructions I will try.

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Found & downloaded Firefox Setup 43.0.1.exe

Found another support thread which said to rename "Mozilla" folders in %appdata% roaming and local. Is that really all? What about the registry?

Any way to recover from old mozilla folders my plugins? My PDFTool software from Tracker still using a very old FF plugin, and it's difficult to find...

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Please don't ignore my question because I'm forced to access forum on ancient computer, and Mozilla wrote version 28 - it's not!

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please download and install firefox 48.0.2 through this link: https://download.mozilla.org/?product=firefox-48.0.2-sha1&os=win&lang=en-US

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It did not work. After the install, when I pushed the button to start Firefox, an error message came up that said: "Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccesible."

The only way I could get it to work was to rename the hidden mozilla folders in appdata/Local/ and appdata/Roaming and then re-run the install program. (by the way, Firefox did not create a "local" this time)

After 2nd install, I was able to do a "restore" to one of the book backups (2 days ago). But I lost everything else - all my configuration, addons, their configuration (NoScript will take me weeks to get back the way it was), etc.

Since I have Symantec/NAV updates disabled, the only think my machine allows to happen is the virus definitions. If THAT is what wiped out my Firefox, you should ask Symantec what piece of Firefox they consider to be a threat - they should fix that! Not everyone can run vers 48.

Thank you.