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Add-on to Show All Tabs In One Location? Function Use to Exist

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  • Trả lời mới nhất được viết bởi jscher2000

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Hi everyone,

Is there an add-on or way to firefox to show all open tabs in a drop down menu? Many many years ago in the tool or view menu I think, this function use to exist. Its difficult to hone in on one tab when you have multiple tabs open quickly.

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Do you mean in the current version, Firefox 48, or in Firefox 28, which is how your Firefox identified itself?

In Firefox 48, when the tab bar is full enough to require horizontal scrolling, a triangle appears at the right end which has a list of all the tabs in the current window so you easily switch among them. I don't think this is a recent addition.

If you don't see that in Firefox 28 (or whatever version you have now), you might need to use Customize to restore it (View > Toolbars > Customize).

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Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention: Firefox 28 is not secure; Mozilla discloses security flaws after each new release.

If something is holding you back from upgrading to Firefox 48, please let us know so we can suggest solutions or workarounds. Naturally, I think of user interface changes that started in Firefox 29 as a potential issue, for which you can investigate the popular Classic Theme Restorer extension.

Sometimes Firefox reports the wrong version because that information was saved in a preferences file. If the "About Firefox" dialog shows Firefox 48.0.2, you may need to clear out that incorrect information. See: How to reset the default user agent on Firefox.

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Thanks for the reply jscher2000.

Not exactly. So lets say I have 5 windows and each of those windows has a number of tabs open. There use to be an option in firefox in the menu section that would have all the titles of the windows (for multi open windows I believe). This was before tab browsing if I recall correctly.

Still running older firefox, the upgrade cycle has been nuts. I run out of sandboxie. One of the big issues is every change kills certain extensions which breaks my work flow.

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Tabbed browsing is older than Firefox itself, so maybe you had an add-on that emulated something from the Netscape days?