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Where did Facebook Disconnect go?

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On, like, Thursday of this week (8/18/16), Facebook Disconnect disappeared from add-ons search results via the Firefox Add-Ons browser page and Mozilla Add-Ons web page both. I mean the add-on from Disconnect.me, which makes Disconnect, Google Disconnect, Twitter Disconnect, not the knock-off, tho I'm sure it's a fine product. Search engine results find this page -- https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fbdc/

Did Disconnect kill it, or did Mozilla lose it, and can anybody who has it post it online somewhere or e-mail it? I'm not having much luck finding it available elsewhere. I need it for v. 19 (v. 20 at best). Thanks.

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Disconnect long ago created the consolidated Disconnect extension, and demoted the Google, Facebook, and Twitter Disconnect extensions to legacy status.


The current extension is here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/disconnect/

I don't know whether it has any way to limit itself to Facebook, if that's what you wanted to do...

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Oh... I have no idea what will run with Firefox 19. Why Firefox 19??

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"Long ago" Wednesday or "long ago" after Firefox 19? If they're all "legacy," why's Facebook Dis missing and not the others? (I've since saved them and everything I use with the FEBE add-on for future security.) That doesn't really seem like an answer, or is it to imply that Disconnect removed it?

As for limiting, if I'm forced to unblock Google for a moment, say, to fill out some damned CAPTCHA because a site is too mewling to find another service, I don't want to have to also open myself up to Facebook and Twitter, too. Why should I?

And Firefox 19 because that's my browser, obvs.

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firefoxQ160821 said

"Long ago" Wednesday or "long ago" after Firefox 19? If they're all "legacy," why's Facebook Dis missing and not the others?

I don't know why two of three of them are still there. None have been updated since 2012 so I would think their effectiveness has been greatly diminished over time.

And Firefox 19 because that's my browser, obvs.

By why is Firefox 19 your browser, that's my question.