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What do the different colors in older html website code represent (red & blue)?

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WHAT IS THE COLOR CODE OF MOZILLA IN THE PAGE INFO WINDOW - view-source. When looking at page coding in basic HTML 5 (4 transitional), what do the different colors mean? Especially RED! Blue too. Now it is obvious that this is "deprecated" HTML code, however, SINCE THE SITE IS DISPLAYING WHAT IS PROGRAMMED - is it that important? No CSS or other programming (frames, padding, etc. etc.) / Using old windows XP OS, which they will have to pry from cold dead fingers, but that is unrelated to this question

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Is this a general question about the View Source pane, or about a specific website?

I don't know whether this post from 2011 is still the latest news, but you might want to start here: https://hsivonen.fi/view-source/

That was linked from here: https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Tools/View_source