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Hey Mozilla Support Team,

For roughly three weeks I'm not able to access my hotmail account (mail.live.com). I'm able to login however as the screen says 'Outlook is opening mail' I'm able to see folders (Inbox, Junk mail, Drafts, etc.,) but no emails--just blank center screen. The funny thing is I've tried opening hotmail through my old school IE 8.0 and everything works fine.

Here are my PC Specs:

Windows XP SP3, Mozilla FF 19.0.2, Core i3 -3220, 4 GB RAM, Geforce GT 430 64 MB Video Card 250 GB Seagate HD.

Now I know what you guys are thinking--WHY WINDOWS XP SP3??! Hasn't Microsoft discontinued support for this OS? However with my work for uploading documents and another software we use, it seems Windows XP is still the only compatible OS until the software vendor makes it compatible for Windows 7/10. Another question that arises is WHY NOT UPDATE FF?? Unfortunately FF 19.0.2 seems to only work with a STATS software I use for my night class (I've tried other versions of FF even the newest one) but that seems to be incompatible with my STATS software.

Also here are the things I'VE ALREADY DONE:

-Reset FF 19.0.2 -Enabled Safe mode and manually disable each plugin to see who the culprit is...still FF can't open my hotmail account correctly -Updated my Geforce drivers to latest version...still same issue -Tried disabling Javascript and Silverlight, reenabling and updating both of them...still same issue

To put the long story short AT THE MOMENT I CANNOT UPGRADE XP OR FF 19.0.2 (I NEED BOTH SOFTWARE VERSIONS TO BE COMPATIBLE WITH EXISTING SOFTWARE I USE). I've had no issues before and I really need to access my email! Please get back to me asap, thx,


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As you may know, the Outlook mail platform has changed and your mailbox address should now start with the following:


Does it work any better if you use that as the starting point?

It's possible that Microsoft does not support such an old version of Firefox; we can't either. If IE8 works with the site and Firefox 19 does not, go ahead and use IE8.

sjohn1117 said

Unfortunately FF 19.0.2 seems to only work with a STATS software I use for my night class (I've tried other versions of FF even the newest one) but that seems to be incompatible with my STATS software.

You could use the PortableApps version of Firefox 19 for your class -- it installs into a folder separate from your regular settings -- and then upgrade your regular installation to Firefox 48. You might need to add Classic Theme Restorer if the UI changes are too jarring.

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Yes I agree you should try the portableapps version of the old vulnerable Firefox 19.0.2 just for this one STATS software that is not compatible with newer Firefox versions.

You can then use Firefox 48.0 to be up to date security wise for everything else.

The old Firefox 19.0.2 (released back on March 7, 2013) does not have any of the security patches that have been put in since. https://www.mozilla.org/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox/

Since you have WinXP with SP3 here is the link for Firefox 48.0 as you pick your language and larger setup file.https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/48.0/win32/

The www.mozilla.org and www.mozilla.org/firefox/all/ serves 43.0.1 to WinXP (and Vista) users since it is not possible to tell by default useragents on whether the WinXP system has SP2 or SP3 installed. The SP3 is needed to run the 43.0.2 and newer setups due to signing. You can then update from 43.0.1 to current or download setup as above. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/get-latest-version-firefox-windows-xp-vista

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