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How do I eliminate my own website's malware protection warning on pictures?

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My own website was hacked 4 years ago. And the hosting company eliminated the problem and it was fine afterwards. But for nearly 3 years, I left this website untouched, and now when I redesigned the website and uploaded, I notice that Firefox browser doesn't show pictures on my webpages. When I right click on the small empty thumbnails, and view image, it warns me of 'malware warning'. I can ignore the warning and view my pages..... but others wouldn't ignore the message.

I have no problem with other browsers such as internet explorer or google chrome. Only firefox is giving false malware warning. I can't believe firefox is not updating my website status after the malware problem was resolved nearly 4 years ago.

I'm desperately in need of launching my website soon. My website is an educational one, and I don't want my viewers think that this site is compromised.

Please someone kindly tell me what I can do to get the status of my site restored? Thank you very much in advance!!

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Hi, delete all references to your website, as shown under the heading 'How do I remove a single website from my history?' in this article - Delete browsing, search and download history on Firefox, then try the site again.

Also consider whether it's Firefox that's giving the warning, or your PC's AV throwing up a false positive.

If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you!