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Firefox crashes everytime i try to open it (both normal and safe mode)

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Was sent to this page by https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-crashes-troubleshoot-prevent-and-get-help#w_get-help-fixing-this-crash

Firefox crashes everytime I try to open it (both normal and safe mode). Tried removing my Profiles folder under appdata\local\mozilla and appdata\roaming\mozilla. but still the same issue.

Crash ID: bp-23560b65-940f-4f1e-bdf7-3aaf62160531

Mozilla Crash reporter details:

AvailablePageFile: 11505942528 AvailablePhysicalMemory: 3096944640 AvailableVirtualMemory: 4072656896 BlockedDllList: BreakpadReserveAddress: 46399488 BreakpadReserveSize: 67108864 BuildID: 20160502172042 CrashTime: 1464723176 InstallTime: 1462655433 ProductID: {ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384} ProductName: Firefox ReleaseChannel: release SafeMode: 1 SecondsSinceLastCrash: 366 StartupTime: 1464723171 SystemMemoryUsePercentage: 63 Throttleable: 1 TotalPageFile: 17087877120 TotalPhysicalMemory: 8544878592 TotalVirtualMemory: 4294836224 UptimeTS: 13.553752153 Vendor: Mozilla Version: 46.0.1

This report also contains technical information about the state of the application when it crashed.

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Signature: nsXPConnect::XPConnect

icudt56.dll = International Components for Unicode = The ICU Project

See if there are updates for your graphics drivers https://support.mozilla.org/kb/upgrade-graphics-drivers-use-hardware-acceleration

Please post the other crash reports

In the address bar, type about:crashes<enter>. Note: If any reports do not have BP in front of the numbers/letters, click it to Submit them.

The crash report is several pages of data. We need the report numbers to see the whole report.

Using your mouse, mark the most resent 7 - 10 crash reports, and copy them. Now go to the reply box below and paste them in.


If you can't get Firefox to open, you will have to do this the hard way. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/mozillacrashreporter Open the file browser / explorer on your computer. Note: You may have to enable Show Hidden Folders / Files. Enter this in the address bar;

Windows: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\submitted Win 7/Vista: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\submitted Win XP/2000: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\submitted

Mac OS: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Crash Reports/submitted Linux: /home/<username>/.mozilla/firefox/Crash Reports/submitted

Copy the last 5-7 Recent File Names in the folder. Post the information in the reply box below.

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FredMcD, Thanks a lot of your response! I thought in safe mode hardware acceleration is disabled. So, not sure how graphics drivers are causing a problem. Still, I am trying to see if there are any graphics driver updates.

Anyway, here are some more recent crash IDs: bp-98041ecd-0e22-49a2-a566-3f9792160505 => this is the first crash. bp-c59e1267-8218-4d67-930a-75c6d2160531 bp-719f9f87-9ebd-4e3c-872f-cfea32160531 bp-b0cd8f47-cfd8-4dc6-af3d-00a472160531 bp-34dae173-57f5-430e-9203-c62512160531 bp-9b3770fc-a652-4232-a828-7bac32160531 bp-1d2a0810-298f-42e5-99d9-5c5812160531 bp-98b9c0b0-4b3c-41e2-9506-91a082160531 bp-b501ff16-a63a-4c9a-8bdf-9407d2160531 bp-ef3b6208-60ce-4881-b3ce-a84d92160531

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Product Firefox Version 45.0.2 Build ID 20160407164938 Release Channel release OS Windows 7 OS Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1

bp-98041ecd-0e22-49a2-a566-3f9792160505 Date Processed 2016-05-05

Signature: nvwgf2um.dll@0x767c45

Nvwgf2um.dll = NVIDIA Compatible D3D10 Driver = NVIDIA Corporation ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Product Firefox Version 46.0.1 Build ID 20160502172042 Release Channel release OS Windows 7 OS Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1

bp-c59e1267-8218-4d67-930a-75c6d2160531 Date Processed 2016-05-31

Signature: mozilla::dom::EventHandlerNonNull::Call<T>

Nvwgf2um.dll = NVIDIA Compatible D3D10 Driver = NVIDIA Corporation ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ bp-719f9f87-9ebd-4e3c-872f-cfea32160531 Date Processed 2016-05-31

Signature: nsXPConnect::XPConnect

icudt56.dll = International Components for Unicode = The ICU Project ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ bp-b0cd8f47-cfd8-4dc6-af3d-00a472160531 bp-34dae173-57f5-430e-9203-c62512160531 Date Processed 2016-05-31

Signature: nsXPConnect::XPConnect

Nothing was flagged

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I've called the big guys to help you. Good luck.

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These startup crashes are hard to diagnose. There aren't a lot of clues as to why Firefox is halting. And the "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_EXEC" is a little unusual in my limited experience.

In case your Firefox program files have become damaged, could you try this:

Clean Reinstall

We use this name, but it's not about removing your settings, it's about making sure the program files are clean (no inconsistent or alien code files). As described below, this process does not disturb your existing settings. Do NOT uninstall Firefox, that's not needed.

(A) Download a fresh installer for Firefox 46.0.1 from https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/all/ to a convenient location. (Scroll down to your preferred language.) For maximum plugin compatibility, choose the 32-bit version.

(B) Exit out of Firefox (if applicable).

(C) Rename the program folder as follows (usually only one of these is applicable to your system):

32-bit install on 64-bit Windows

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox


C:\Program Files (x86)\OldFirefox

All other installations

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox


C:\Program Files\OldFirefox

(D) Run the installer you downloaded in step (A). It should automatically connect to your existing settings.

Note: Some plugins may exist only in that OldFirefox folder. If something essential is missing, look in these folders:

  • \OldFirefox\Plugins
  • \OldFirefox\browser\plugins

Hopefully that will replace any corrupt files and let Firefox start normally.

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I followed your steps and now firefox I am getting this error: "Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible."

When I looked at appdata\local\mozilla and appdata\roaming\mozilla they don't have any profile and my OldFirefox doesn't have it either. Did the reinstall overwrite/delete it? If so, it seems a severe error. Is there a way to recover Profiles?

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I was able to start up firefox by renaming profiles.ini to profiles.ini.OLD under AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox

But as expected, the new firefox doesn't have any of my old passwords, history, etc. How do I get it back?

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Type about:profiles<enter> in the address bar. How many profiles are listed?

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The "Clean Reinstall" procedure should have no effect on existing profiles, so that's very puzzling. Earlier you said --

Firefox crashes everytime I try to open it (both normal and safe mode). Tried removing my Profiles folder under appdata\local\mozilla and appdata\roaming\mozilla. but still the same issue.

-- so did you move those somewhere else or what happened to them before you did the clean reinstall? Are they in the Recycle bin?

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FredMcD, about:profiles shows me the latest profile created by the new FF install. No other profile is listed.

jscher2000, I ctrx-x, ctrl-v'd the earlier removed profiles to their respective directories under appdata\local\mozilla and appdata\roaming\mozilla. And then installed new FF. They're not in recycle bin.

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So the old folders are not anywhere to be found at this point?

Could you try a global search of the C drive for places.sqlite to see whether there's anything in an unusual location? I assume you have Windows set to show hidden files and folders, but just in case: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/wi.../show-hidden-files.

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I have show hidden files on. But couldn't find places.sqlite. So, did clean reinstall just remove my old profiles and created a new one? I think FF should have either warned while removing old profiles or should have created a backup. But, all in all doesn't look good :-( :-(

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Something went wrong with the search: there is at least one places.sqlite file on the C drive, in your new profile. Could you try it again or try a different way? One less friendly way to search is using a command window:

(1) Type or paste cmd.exe into the Start menu search box and press Enter to launch a command window

(2) At the prompt, change to the root of C by typing cd \ and pressing Enter

(3) At the C:\> prompt, type dir places.sqlite /s and press Enter to run the search

(4) To copy a path from this window, right-click > Mark then select over the path and press Enter to copy it


I'm guessing you do not have any backups of your older Firefox data.

Did you ever set up a Firefox Sync account?

Windows may have created a backup of your old profile in a restore point. This program might work to let you extract it: http://nicbedford.co.uk/software/systemrestoreexplorer/

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ah, that seems have found those profiles. Command line always helps! It seems that FF copied old profiles to Roaming\Mozilla\Profiles whereas the currently in use profiles are under Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles. But don't know why FF installer chose to do that. May be due to some error? Does it log it somewhere?

So, how should i proceed from here? Just shutdown FF, copy the Profiles, restore profiles.ini.OLD and startup FF?

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Firefox shouldn't have moved the profiles. It's difficult to get Firefox to deviate from its standard locations.

Yes, at this point, moving the folders back into the correct location and restoring the old profiles.ini file has a reasonable chance of working.