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Issues with the "Open / Save file" menu: can't change directory

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Has been asked before, the central part on file saving was not answered yet. I have the same problem, since a few weeks, on several PCs (Kubuntu):

The Save menu occasionally does not let you switch directories at all, and never sorts files according to name/date/size (which was possible until a few weeks ago). Another error is that (not always, but quite often) the filename is replaced by some filename already on disk, that happens to be below the cursor.

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Here is my "solution": I switched from Kubuntu to Linux Mint 17.3 (Xfce), which has Firefox 43 as standard. Everything is fine now. The open question is of course, whether Kubuntu is the culprit or FF degraded between 43 and 48.

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I doubt it is a problem with Firefox 48. You need to update Mint to Fx48 anyhow. (Or at least Fx47 as distros may be somewhat behind time compared with Mozilla builds)