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Special characters

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Hello people, I saw a couple threads about "boxes with numbers and letters inside" (for example, "why do sometimes text symbols appear as boxes with numbers/letters in them" and "Boxes with numbers and letters show instead of certain images on some websites"). I am using a chat service, and when my counterpart sends me some emoticons, instead of the emoticon I see the little square with HEX digits inside. The interesting part is that if I "brutally" copy-and-paste the little square, and send it over the chat, my counterpart actually sees the original emoticon! Ok, that's interesting, but my question is not about the fact that I can't see the emoticon. Actually, I wish to carry out a similar operation with control characters. More specifically, I need to send the BEL character (ASCII 7) over the chat, in order to beep my counterpart's computer, and vice versa. I already tried to type [CTRL+G] in the outbox of the chat, but it doesn't work, because instead of seeing the "^G" output that I expected, the "Find" bar is invoked... curiously, "Find" should pop up with [CTRL+F], so it seems that [CTRL+F] and [CTRL+G] do have exactly the same effect! o_O Similarly, since my counterpart often accesses the chat with an iPhone instead of PC, I think that the [CTRL+G] key combination is not suitable for the scope of beeping my computer. So I'm wondering whether there's a way to actually obtain a "somehow-visible" character corresponding to ASCII 7 that can be copied-pasted and sent over a chat, in order to "beep" one's computer. If I could somehow get a "little box with numbers in it" corresponding to "BEL"... =^_^= Thank you! :o)

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Type about:preferences#content<enter> in the address bar. Across from fonts and colors, press the Advanced button. On the bottom, turn on Allow Web Sites To Choose Their Own.

Fonts Information - Detected via Flash http://browserspy.dk/fonts-flash.php?detail=1

Mac You can check for corrupted and duplicate fonts and other font issues: http://www.thexlab.com/faqs/multipleappsquit.html - Font Book 2.0 Help: Checking for damaged fonts http://www.creativetechs.com/iq/garbled_fonts_troubleshooting_guide.html

Security Issue: Update your Flash Player Note: Windows users should download the active_x for Internet Explorer. and the plugin for Plugin-based browsers (like Firefox).

Note: Windows 8 and Windows 10 have built-in flash players and Adobe will cause a conflict. Install the plugin only. Not the active_x.

Flash Player Version: Flash Player (Linux) Version

https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Direct link scans current system and browser Note: Other software is offered in the download.

https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ Step 1: Select Operating System Step 2: Select A Version (Firefox, Win IE . . . .) Note: Other software is offered in the download.

See if there are updates for your graphics drivers https://support.mozilla.org/kb/upgrade-graphics-drivers-use-hardware-acceleration

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I don't think that you can send control characters like a bell. Control sequences like that have an internal action. Ctrl F (find) and Ctrl G (find next) are used for the find bar.

You would have to install a font that covers the Unicode emoticon range. On Windows XP it is not likely that you have such a font.

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Mmmm... okay, maybe I tried to explain my problem beginning from a bit too far. I used the "little square with Hex numbers inside" thing as an example, but actually I am not interested in displaying all the lips, kisses, hearts etc... I just wish to find a way to encode ASCII 7 and send it over a chat. I saw that I can copy/paste the "little squares with Hex numbers inside" from a chat to Word or Wordpad, and copy/paste them back again from Word to chat, and my counterpart actually sees the little faces even though I can't. So I am wondering whether it was possible to "build" a "little square with numbers inside" corresponding to any given value: ASCII 7, in my case.

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This should be such a bell character: [?] ("?" = &#x7;) Note that the character is there as you can see if you open the Inspector, but likely isn't displayed.

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cor-el said

This should be such a bell character: [?] ("?" = &#x7;) Note that the character is there as you can see if you open the Inspector, but likely isn't displayed.

Cor-el, thank you SO much for your effort... but it doesn't work! :o( I tried sending it to the counterpart, and vice versa, but nothing beeped... :o( it's so frustrating!

(BTW, how could you encode all the arglebargle within round brackets into what looks like just a pair of square brackets?... Just a curiosity, nothing to do with my main question)

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I just pasted that content there. Try to paste "&#x7;" in a reply and do a preview. You can get any character that way by using its entity hex code replacement.