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For Mac, update 46.0 has destroyed bookmarks, add-ons, preset passwords, toolbars, tabs, general formatting. Need Firefox to repair - cannot waste our time.

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See question above. This has happened with numerous updates -- data destroyed, passwords, formatting and add-ons and bookmarks are lost by the thousands. This has stopped us cold as a company, losing significant revenues and much labor time to try and repair.

Why the f*ck does Firefox think it is okay to destroy customers data, disrupt their business materially and leave the customer holding the bag WITH NO IN-PERSON LIVE SUPPORT AVAILABLE FROM FIREFOX/MOZILLA TO REMEDIATE THE NUMEROUS PROBLEMS THEY HAVE CAUSED. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

As a prompt to the "upgrade" to 46.0, Firefox has the nerve to ask the question: "Would you like to "freshen up" your Firefox?" HOW DARE THEY?





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I have justed edited your post for language and please hold fire on the capitals, shouting is not very nice. Please appreciate that the Support team are voluntary contributors, as with many other parts of Mozilla.

I am not a Mac user, but are all the people impacted by this issue at your office all using the same version of OSX?

I have escalated your question to see if I can get some specialist assistance for you

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You're worried about capital letters ad whether the question is "nice"?

Really? Aren't you supposed to be concerned with the content of he question and getting it solved? Again, I am losing thousands of dollars was we pass these notes back and forth ... My wrath is explicitly directed at Mozilla/Firefox and not the Support Group. My wrath to the former is wholly appropriate and they need to answer for their in-competencies of new releases of their products.

Time is of the essence, when will live support for Firefox be avail?

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Look on your desktop. Do you see a folder called; Old Firefox?



These can't get your data back, but will help in the future.

These add-ons can be a great help by backing up and restoring Firefox

FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) {web link} FEBE allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions, history, passwords, and more. In fact, it goes beyond just backing up -- It will actually rebuild your saved files individually into installable .xpi files. It will also make backups of files that you choose.

OPIE {web link} Import/Export extension preferences

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While I appreciate the obscure pockets of information to retrieve/rebuild my information, you've said none of this will get my recently lost information back.

First, why should I even have to worry about such a thing happening with a software "upgrade"?? An upgrade should not destroy the user interface and the data collected in it!!!

And why is this my problem as customer? This is Firefox's problem for having destructive software. Where are the Firefox people to be accountable for this and to make iit right .. none of us customers (who have other jobs) have the time to do clean up over Firefoxs software malfunctions!!!

II just dont get it ... where are the actual Moszilla Firefox people? why are they not fixing the mess they've created at my company and the thousands of others affected by this screw up?

Please, some one from Firefox have some courage and accountability!!!

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Thank you for your post. I was worried about your data, that is why I escalated your question and why FredMcD used his greater experience of such matters to provide a solution, the question in which you have not yet answered.

We are both part of the global community of thousands that support the open source software that you have decided to use. The "actual Mozilla Firefox people" are us, trying to help you.

Mozilla software is extensively tested by that community (I myself use pre-release version on both my phone and laptop) to significantly reduce and remove unresolved issues. Unless you company employs thousands of people, I am not aware of this being a wider issue beyond your company - but that does not diminish the importance of this issue and us wanting to help you.

  1. What add-ons/toolbars were you using?
  2. Were bookmarks stored in the browser (as per a default installation) or were you using a bookmark management add-on?
  3. Did users have their own installations of Firefox on their devices, or was the update managed by a central IT support function in your company (not apportioning blame, just trying to understand the set up)?
  4. General formating - I guess you mean the Firefox interface. Please attach a screenshot of how the interface looks now after the upgrade to Firefox 46.

I hope this can help you to help us establish what has happened, further to FredMcD's question about whether you can see a a folder named "Old Firefox" on your desktop. With the little information we have, I cannot promise you a solution, but we will do our best to see if one exists.

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Hi Grateful_Dad, it's not normal to lose data when updating Firefox. When it does happen, we try to discover whether your data is in another location. Let's focus on that.

I'm not sure what the "freshen up" prompt was, but if it was a suggestion to use the Refresh feature, Firefox should have created an "Old Firefox Data" folder on your Mac desktop. That was Fred's first question: do you see any folder like that? If so, check inside for a semi-randomly-named folder (a profile folder) to see when it was last updated. If you have one with your recent data, we'll describe how to use it for data recovery.

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First of all, quit with your patronizing tone and get to fixing customer issues .... are we clear?

So you and Fred (am I supposed to know him? Is he some guru who gets involved in the 10,000 greatest Mozilla failures.?

Are you and fred Mozilla employees? If not, why am I talking to you? Get a freaking Mozilla employee to troubleshoot Mozilla's products, just like uh every other software company in the worlld .. geez.

Fred, I have that folder on my desktop. It is empty. There, we've got your contribution taken care of.

Now, where is my data and how do I get it back? Why does a Mozilla "upgrade" destroy data?

And why am I wasting my time from my job trying to fix their product?

What am I missiing? I have lost thousands from this and the Mozilla's invoice is still growing ..... do you think customers' time is free? WTF!!

Add-ons ... I had many ... I don't remember because the data is llost ... remember

Bookmarks in browser -- approximately 10,000 per machine. My guess is 20% left.

Own installations

Formatting .. am I supposed to know the term "Firefox interface" as if it is a defined term? geez , just restore the freakkin data!

You didn't mention loss of saved passwords -- all software apps are requiring new input of passwords, where otherwise memorize for automatic login .... nice job Firefox.

As to my choice to use, I didn't see any disclaimer from Firefox that their product was not competitive with Chrome, Safari etc. Are you saying I should not use it? Why do they not have disclosure that their "upgrades" will destroy significant amounts of customer data, thereby costing the customer thousands of dollars .... I simply need do a Google seach to see this kind of problem has been rampant for years. Silly question: why don't they fix and stop changing/losing all the information we are using??? is this a beta product? well it certainly behaves like one.

AS to screenshot .... I am simply not wasting more time and money ... you guys do your job and restore my data. Period

With the little information we have, I cannot promise you a solution, but we will do our best to see if one exists.
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p.s get a freakin' Mozilla tech support person to solve this problem .. .you know, like every other company in the world would do? Is there any part of that you don't understand. No more money lost for me .... I expect you to remediate the situation (incl losses to date), fix your software and advise me exactly where my data is and how to restore it ... isn't that what you do? Geez.

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If you have a new Old Firefox Data folder, but it does not have any contents, then your Firefox might have started performing a Refresh but gotten interrupted. Please try this next:

Open the Troubleshooting Information page using any of these methods:

  • "3-bar" menu button > "?" button > Troubleshooting Information
  • Help menu > Troubleshooting Information
  • type or paste about:support in the address bar and press Return

In the first table, click the "Show in Finder" button. Firefox will launch your current profile folder in a Finder window. Make a note of the name of the folder in the address bar.

Now click up one level to to the Profiles folder and check whether there are any other semi-randomly-named folders there. If so, check whether they have freshly updated files from around the time the problem started to try to identify the missing settings.


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Not normal? Have ever checked Google inquiries on this stuff? Not normal? Does not normal help this customer at all.

"freshen up" was exactly as I described it .... it was simply creating great expectations that the upgrade would be new and improved .... they didnt bother to say all the formatting -- oh sorry -- that the firefox user interface would be changed and massive amounts or data lost.

"old firefox", as I said is an empty folder.

now for all you that seem to groove on this stuff, but think it's okay that a customer loses data as a result of Firefox's product. I am going back to my job ... see, I don't get paid for troubleshooting Firefox's product when -- uh -- it fails miserably and destroy's customer's information accumulated over a 9 year period. Why do you think your calm and casual approach is the least bit helpful to the client who has a real problem as a result of product failure??

Last thing to the support group. I want the name,, title and contact information including DIRECT phone number for Product Manager (or other applicable title) at Firefox/Mozilla WHO IS DIRECTLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS PROBLEM -- ALL SUCH ORGANIZATIONS HAVE SUCH AN ACCOUNTABILITY HIERARCHY AND I WANT TO KNOW PRECISELY WHO THAT IS IN THE CASE OF THIS "UPGRADE" FAILURE.

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Hi Grateful_Dad, I see this:

"old firefox", as I said is an empty folder.

Now try these steps: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/1121110#answer-872799

Sorry if you don't like my being calm, but the alternatives are worse.