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Flash player is not working Windows 10 build 14295 - Mozilla 46.0B5

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Hi All, May I please ask for your help. I am wondering if anyone out there have this issue. I am currently running Firefox build 46.0b5 and I have notice that flash playback does not work.

From the troubleshooting point of view this is what i have done.

  1. Uninstalled and reinstalled all the Adobe plugin
  2. Started Firefox in Safemode and tried to access a flash website however I still get blank page and nothing happens.
  3. Lastly i also changed the setting in Adobe Flash player and removed protected mode and yet still i can't do a playback of flash content.

I also confirmed this matter with another computer which recently been upgraded to windows 10. Is this a known issue?

Running the same test with IE or chrome works just fine!!?

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Hi Oxylatium, yes it kinda did but i had to go through a whole load of steps.

1. I did like you kindly suggested and created a new profile 2. I went and tried to watch some flash content which was not working. 3. I looked at the settings of the plugin and like some people had suggested removed the tick box "Enable flash protected mode". 4. Now when i logged in with the new user it worked. 5. I removed the new profile and went back to the old profile and now it started to work.

My question is, should this be a normal operational behaivor? Surely this should work out of the box.

Still there is some minor issues. If i go into IMDB and try to watch a trailer this fails on "Auto" setting. I have to choose a lower setting I.E SD and change to higher setting and it starts to work.

Thank you