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Firefox drag and drop search feature

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Firefox has this feature where you can highlight text then drag and drop it from one firefox page to another. Doing this will open a new tab and perform a search of the dragged text by putting this text in the url field as a url. How can this feature be turned off?

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I don't think that it is possible to disable this feature.

What do you want to happen if you drop selected text in a new tab?

You would normally use this feature to drop selected text in text area in another tab. If you drop the text elsewhere (not in a text area) then the outcome might be doing a search. You can press the ESC key to abort the drag.

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I find it hard to believe that a feature available in a programmable piece of software would not have a way to turn it off.

The issue I am having, however, is that I do a lot of dragging and dropping of text into text fields (in an attempt to make my life easier). But, if I miss the text field on the other tab Firefox will open a NEW tab and perform a search as if the selected text was a URL.