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sync not working at all

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I moved (started from scratch) to Windows 10 and I cannot get Sync to work at all. I just keep getting "500 error" whenever I hit the "Sign In" button.

My other items (phone, tablet, and old Win 8.1 image) are all working fine.

There is another thread for this already, but I wanted to add a message to that and can't seem to unless I create a new question in here first.

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Hi LaVBallCT , Try to temporarily remove the account from the Sync Settings.

  1. Open the three bar menu
  2. Click on the Sync option on the left
  3. Click on "Disconnect"
  4. Restart Firefox and Sign back in

Did this help?

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I've actually been in that state (no account shown) for a while now.

When I try to get to the Tools > Options > Sync > Sign In screen I get the "500 Error - Oh dear, something went wrong there. We've been notified and will get working on a fix. " screen with the big blue Home button.

That error didn't seem to change if I had an account showing or not. My other devices are OK, it is just this new Win10 hard drive that is having massive issues.