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Firefox copy function not working when pasting to Word 97 as clipboard remains empty

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As of today, I noticed, very oddly, that I cannot copy and paste anything from Firefox 44 into Word 97, which is something I generally do every day. I reset Firefox, but this changed nothing. I reinstalled Word 97, but this changed nothing. All the more oddly, copying from Firefox works fine into NotePad or Word 2013. Conversely, I can copy and paste from Explorer into Word 97 with no problems. It's only when copying and pasting from Firefox to Word 97 that things are impossible. As I have reinstalled everything, I'm at a loss. Any ideas? I've heard that Firefox has had some issues with copying...

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Only the "safe mode" is a copy. What about the add-on?

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I did install the COPY AS PLAIN TEXT, and I do see this command when I right click - unfortunately this changes nothing, I cannot paste into an existing Word 97 doc, although I can still copy and paste into the search/replace dialogue box of Word 97. Thanks all the same, but I fear that until this problem causes more problems that will attract the attention of people higher up, I'll just have to live with it (although messing up copy-and-paste is pretty messed up, you gotta admit).

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Jonathan147 said

I fear that until this problem causes more problems that will attract the attention of people higher up, I'll just have to live with it (although messing up copy-and-paste is pretty messed up, you gotta admit).

I did mention in my first reply that this is already on the radar of the developers as something to be addressed, it's just not clear when or how it will be fixed.

Could you check something: in Word 97, try using Edit > Paste Special to display any other formats that Word sees on the clipboard. If Word grays Paste Special, that would indicate that it can't use any of the formats on the clipboard. I have attached a screen shot from Word 2010 for comparison showing that the traditional "Unformatted Text" choice is missing, but two other should be available. What I don't remember is whether Word 97 can use either of those.

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Thanks. I already check Special Paste, which I use all the time for unformatted text and even have a shortcut for it - but when copying from Firefox even this option remains stubbornly greyed out, as if there were nothing in Clipboard, or whatever is in Clipboard is somehow incompatible. The only pastes I can make from F to W97 are: (1) 1st paste into blank doc, then Clipboard becomes empty but pasting into existing doc does not work, (2) pasting images is OK, (3) pasting into search/replace dialogue box, and that's it. So, on Firefox's side, visibly something funny is going on. I haven't checked but I used to assume that the Clipboard was part of Windows, but somehow it seems also linked to each appplication. I have not notice any other anomalies since the recent update.

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Update - In the end, this copying from Firefox to Word 97 problem has not gone away on its own, and is quite annoying, as I often copy something from Firefox, like mail messages, and forget I can't copy, then have to pass via NotePad or Word 2013 to get the job done. Not sure if everyone with Word 97, which used to be universal software, ie lots of folks have or had it, has same problem.

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The change which caused Firefox 44 not to copy in a format that Word 97 can paste is scheduled to be undone in Firefox 45, due out in about 4 weeks. Until then, the workaround continues to be pasting into an intermediate application, selecting the pasted content there, cutting, and then pasting into Word. Unless someone comes up with something better in the meantime.

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Just an update as to problem of copy-pasting from Firefox to Word 97 - over the past few days, I've noticed that the problem has disappeared - kindly note that my current version of Firefox is 45.0.2. I presume, as you mentioned before, that Firefox updates finally fixed it. My only other problem with Firefox is Yahoo Mail's continual inclusion of advertising, now with videos in spam folder - I searched for add-on to block this new one but found nothing, happily I can live with it.

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