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Firefox 44 (x86) stopped working after clearing cache with CCleaner

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I updated Firefox to version 44 (I had installed 32-bit version) and all went right and worked without a problem. Closed it and ran CCleaner to clear cache and most of the cookies (I only have checked those 2 options for Firefox). After the cleaning Firefox didn't work well: pages were not loaded as if I have no connection and when I close the browser it shows Windows error 'Firefox has stopped working' and the browsers turns out to be nonoperational. Uninstalled it and deleted profiles in order to perform a clean installation of newly download 32-bit v.44 of Firefox. Which had the same outcome after using CCleaner.

I decided to try with the 64-bit and so far no issues even after using CCleaner... But I am not sure yet if I am ready to use the 64-bit version with (almost) no plug-in support.

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It is best to let Firefox do the cleanup when it closes. Other programs can cause damage to the wrong files.

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Maybe you are right, let programs to clean themselves. Nevertheless it is more convenient using such programs to clean more things at once and even other stuff and up to this very moment I haven't experienced any issue.

Anyway this doesn't solve my problem, reinstalling Firefox 44 (32-bit) is nonoperational. I even installed v.43 and everything was fine until I pressed the update button. Maybe some log file or registry entry makes 44 unusable but don't know where to look at.

And something interesting I have noticed: sites do not load when 44 is opened from its shortcut/open new window, but if it is closed and a link from a skype message is opened, then pages load and there's no problem until closed.

So far my options are using 64-bit or downgrade to v.43.

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It could be something about the updated program. I've called the big guys to help you. Good luck.

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Just a thought, but is there more than one install of Firefox? I have seen that happen when two different default programs are set for https.

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Only one Firefox v.43 (x86) was installed (and set as the default browser). And then I have Internet Explorer, which rarely use and in this case served as backup browser to download Firefox installation files.

When I uninstalled the updated to v.44 Firefox and deleted in AppData profile and cache folders and after that installed from full size v.44 (x86 en-us) installation file I checked to be set as the default browser. But only that exact version was installed.

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The "44 connection and crash-on-close issue" is surfacing, affecting the 32-bit build. The only workaround is to use the 64-bit build (if it works, chances are it is this particular issue at work) and there is no fix to offer, as the cause is not known yet.

PS. I am currently on 43.0.4, waiting on 44 to become viable.

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