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Can't connect to FF-Sync "unexpected error"

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When I try to connect to my FF-sync account from my home-pc's I always get an "unexpected error". Sometimes I have to wait almost a minute trying to log in before the error occurs. At my working-pc everythings fine... - Logging completely out of the account and back in doesn't help. - Also restoring the password and create a new account doesn't help. - Also restoring firefox to factory default doesn't work.

No more idea how I can solve this...

Everything else is working with no internet-connection-problems and a proxy is not in use.

Does FF-Sync use a special port for sync or something that my router maybe does block?

Thanks and Greetz, Claudio

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Hi Claudio, You are not alone, we are investigating this at the moment. However to confirm any more details on the error

If you go to "about:sync-log" in the browser's URL bar, it should show a list of error logs that will give diagnostic information about what's going on. If there's anything there, please open a bug and attached the log files: