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Firefox won't play html5 video on Amazon Prime.

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I got amazon prime. I go to play a video. It asks for me to install Flash despite the fact Firefox supports encrypted html5 video.

Is this supposed to happen?

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The site asks me to activate Silverlight.

No idea why Amazon's HTML5 player doesn't support Firefox, but that seems to be the case at the moment according to this article:


The HTML5 player is available on the following browsers:
  • Chrome (version M42 or newer)
  • Internet Explorer (version 11 or newer)
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
  • Opera (version 31 or newer)
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You may also want to transfer the bookmarkbackups folder with JSON backups and persdict.dat for words you added to the spelling checker dictionary.

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UltimateAnsweris42 said

I got amazon prime. I go to play a video. It asks for me to install Flash despite the fact Firefox supports encrypted html5 video. I had this problem until I accessed Amazon directly rather than accessing the site via Amazon Smile.
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I have the problem of not being able to play Amazon Video. Using Firefox 44.0.2. I run Linux Mint. I read the entire thread here. I see that one solution is to get Silverlight and fix my profile or whatever to get Silverlight to work.

I find things made by M$oft repugnant AND the solution is much more work than just downloading, installing and using Chrome to play said Amazon Video.

So, having some near 30 years in Main Frames i know that the best solution is very often the easy one. I'll just get/use Chrome. Much as I hate it.

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I had the same issue. I was accessing Amazon via the Amazon Smile link. When I access Amazon directly, I can view Prime Videos.

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Hi jivabill, please mention your concern to Amazon. Maybe if enough Firefox users complain, they will support HTML5 video in Firefox.

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Are you kidding? I can't even get Amazon to ship something overnight even when I pay the extra shipping charge. You need to jump through hoops even to get their phone number and then you get a heavily accented, disinterested "support agent". So go ahead, tell them to support HTML5 video. Good luck.

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This man is right. Complaining to Amazon is like blowing air thru a bamboo. I bought a pair of socks from a seller on Amz. Seller used Amz Fulfillment. When they mailed the socks to me they cut off the last 4 digits of my zip code. (zip+4 format) which showed the p o box for me. then when the package came it was $9.30 postage due because the P O supposedly did not know my P O Box. (we have no street addresses in my village).

So I refused it. 3 months later the package finally got back to the seller. So I complained to Amazon about them causing the problem by omitting the last four digits of the zip. Think I ever got a reply? Well I am still waiting, now it has been 4 months.

So I have little hope for Amazon ever fixing their Video player to be compatible with Firefox. I think what has to happen is Firefox has to make FF compatible with the existing Amazon player.

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