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more options

I installed a new version of Firefox.

An awful dumb new feature tries to tell me what sites to go to. There was a little message indicating how to turn it off. The message indicated I follow steps that could not be followed because buttons weren't in the indicated place thus no way to proceed.

Also, on the assumption that the software might be intelligently designed, I looked through the options for a way to turn off this god-awful feature. The option is not in any of the places where it should be, perhaps because designed by idiot.

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more options

The browser.newtab.url pref is no longer supported in Firefox 41 and later, so you can no longer use this to set the new tab page.

You can look at this extension to set the new tab page:

You can set the new tab URL setting via the Options/Preferences of the extension on the about:addons page.

You can look at this extension if you use the home page as the new tab page.

Classic Theme Restorer includes this feature as well. In current CTR versions (1.3.9+) you find "New tab page url" in the Tabs (1) section.

You can use these special pages for the new tab page or use the URL of a web page. the default new tab page with the tiles is about:newtab

  • the default home page is about:home
  • for a blank page you can use about:blank
more options

The new tab page with tiles based on your history debuted in Firefox 13. In later versions, a search box was added, and then for users without much history, suggested sites. If you have been using a different page for the past few years, you probably didn't notice these changes.

If your new tab page doesn't match the description in the help articles, one of your extensions may be modifying it. Do you not have the "gear" icon on the upper right of the page as shown: Customize your New Tab page to hide or display content (it's black normally, and turns blue when you interact with it).