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I've added the Flash player for Firefox - solved my video issues with YouTube, but other videos (Yahoo) are still skipping - help?

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Firefox has been my prefered browser for many years and has worked well for me. I do watch a lot ofvideos - YouTube, Yahoo news, etc. Until a few days ago, everything was fine. For some reason, many videos (not all) started appearing choppy...skipping. The audio was fine and unaffected, but the video feed was not smooth. I tried trouble-shooting this on FireFox today. One of the suggestions was to add the YouTube player for FireFox. I did that and it appears to have helped with YouTube. But other videos (Yahoo, Advertisements, etc.) are still appearing choppy.

Help? Thanks!

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Your System Details shows;

Installed Plug-ins

Shockwave Flash 19.0 r0 Shockwave Flash 18.0 r0
Having more than one version of a program may cause issues. You must remove the older programs. Then get the current full installer.

Note: Edge on Win10 does not use ActiveX version but its own Flash.

Flash: Grab the uninstaller from here: Uninstall Flash Player | Windows Uninstall Flash Player | Mac

Then reinstall the latest version.

Flash Player Version
Note: Windows users must download the “Internet Explorer” and “Plugin-based browsers” installers.