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turn off site suggestions in new tab tiles

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I like the new tab tiles. But I HATE the suggested sites. How do I turn it off???? Online they sat go to new-tab/cog/ & uncheck "include suggested sites"

but this phrase & box does not appear in the cog page!!!!!!! HELP.

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Sorry I found the box (Wrong Cog!)

But "Top Sites" is still checked so it's just rifling my history to still suggest sites.....ARG! (And I can't uncheck this!!!)

How do I stop ALL suggestions? I want a blank space that I can drag a site to when I want please.

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The directory tiles that Firefox shows on the about:newtab page are saved in the directoryLinks.json file in the parent location of the disk cache.

If you want to remove the sponsored directory links on the about:newtab page then use these steps: You can set the browser.newtabpage.directory.source pref to an empty string on the about:config page.

  • browser.newtabpage.directory.source = <empty>
  • browser.newtabpage.directory.ping = <empty>

You can delete the directoryLinks.json file in the parent location of the disk cache to remove the currently stored directory links.

  • delete directoryLinks.json

See the about:cache page for the location of the disk cache and go one level up.

You can open the about:config page via the location/address bar. You can accept the warning and click "I'll be careful" to continue.

You can use this button to go to the current Firefox profile folder:

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Hi, you can just drag sites from your bookmarks, which will replace the suggested ones.

Alternatively, try the add-on New Tab Tools.

If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

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Hello & thanks for your input.

Perhaps I have not been clear?

I don't understand most of your post Corel..... but it seems to relate to turning off sponsored links which I presume I have turned off by unchecking "include suggested sites"?

Scribe....I find that if I drag a tile to replace an unwanted suggestion (top site).... instead of that happening, everything jumps around instantly & something is deleted. It happens so fast I can't predict or determine which is deleted (I have 15). So, how do I turn off ALL suggestions so there are just blank, stable, tile-spaces that I can drag sites to?

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Hi, make sure when you have dragged a bookmark to the New Tab page that it is pinned - if it is, moving tiles around to rearrange them should not delete them - if you want to delete one, click the 'x' in top right corner.

You might find it easiest, to drag bookmarks from the side bar (Ctrl + B).

More - Customize the New Tab page.

Hope that helps.