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Rolling back to Firefox 40.0.2 resolves slow eBay issues in 40.0.3

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Running Windows 7 Pro x64, Intel core i7, 8GB RAM

Firefox 40.0.3 was hanging a lot when browsing eBay pages after upgrading. Removing all addons did not resolve the issue, nor did clearing cache or re-installing 40.0.3.

Re-installing 40.0.2 resolved the issue.

Some change introduced in 40.0.3 or possible eBay site upgrade is causing one of the top ecommerce sites to becomes unusable.

I recommend contacting ebay techs to resolve this issue if you believe the change did not occur on the Firefox end.

Additionally, when bringing up the task manager application, I see the ffcert.exe is running most of the time when the hangs occur. I never noticed this app previously, but that may be due to the hang not occurring so I had no reason to keep task manager open.

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Please be advised that the ffcert.exe is not a Firefox task. This executable file is related to Kaspersky Anti-Virus developed by Kaspersky Lab and has been linked to potential performance issues in Firefox.

Please view this website for more information on repairing issues with the ffcert.exe file.