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Why must the update reminder fill the whole screen with a mostly empty pop up? Can't it be done in a neater way than this prehistoric 80's style prompt??

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So I'm procrastinating .. maybe I'm busy? .. or perhaps I want to get reviews before clicking the 'update' button into the unknown! But with all of the 'great' GUI designers behind Firefox, the Update reminder looks like a slap in the face when you are busy working! Its a mostly empty block designed to just annoy, more than inform!

Why cant the update notification be smaller? .. better yet a balloon or a button that appears on the tab? .. endless possibilities.. But nooo .. the big, ugly and empty pop up is too-cool retro to change or update into something better!

What do you think guys? .. time to look into it?

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There are some projects to improve the update experience, but they are a few versions out. All I can suggest is to stay up to date.

Closing as this isn't a request for support.