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I place 10 sites in a bookmark folder named publishing. I want to find those websites again- how do I search for the folder publisher?

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I have a few spare minutes and I'm writing a book. I was to self-publish it or e-publish it or I don't know. I search for websites dealing with publishing books and place them in a bookmark folder named publishing. Several days later I want to recall those sites I found to see which ones interest me. I do not know any of the url's, I only know I placed them in a folder called publishing. I have hundreds of bookmark folders and thousands of urls. I want to search for and find the folder publisher so I can look at the websites. Your instructions about the upper search windows bring up history of places (many) I've visited. Your bookmark tools: you can get a history, you can view recently bookmarked, used tags, show unsorted (in no particular order), You canorganize, crete new bookmarks and NEW folders, etc. and all kinds of other organizational stuff. You can view in columns by keyword... and a well hidden window pops up called search BOOKMARKS...not FOLDERS. I typed in publish and all I got back were urls with the name publish in their title. And finally you can sort - again bookmarks, not folders. I don't think I even found a place where you can alphabetize folders which would be some kind of start...going down the list to the "P's" until I found publish. And finally, but equally not helpful you can import and backup. NOWHERE can you search for a folder that I could easily find. I have been a programmer since the mid 70's and a web designer too - if I can't find it I need to hang up my keypad because I've lost it. (Is that a better description than "something is wrong, firefox is broken"? But by the way, thank you for having the professional courage and courtesy to at least make this kind of dialogue available - you are one of the few and that is why I like your company and your browser..now if you could just fix this little problem for me (as well as finally get a substitute for that lousy Adobe Flash...do I hear HTML5?) I'd be a very happy camper and do unsolicited ads for you to all my goofy friends. Thank you if you made it this far - you're a brave soul.

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Yep, that's been a shortcoming of Firefox forever - finding a specific bookmarks folder via a "search". But I wouldn't say that Firefox was broken - just something that Mozilla didn't build into Firefox and something that I don't think an add-on developer has ever created to enhance Firefox.

{ Ctrl + Shft + B } will open the Library window. If you open Views and select A > Z Sort Order, the main part of the Library will display an alpha-sort of bookmarks with the bookmarks folders sprinkled into that alpha-sort order. Then you can double-click on folder to open that folder to view / access the bookmarks that are in that folder. Problem is that it is a temporary "sort view", close the Library window or "go back" from that folder and that "sort" is gone.

Quite honestly, I think that the Tags feature was intended for finding "similar" bookmarks - categorized by the Tags rather than the folder location. IOW, a different way of categorizing saved bookmarks and instead of saving multiples of the same bookmark in separate folder when the bookmark applied to multiple categories, the user added multiple Tags instead. And when the Tags feature was added to Firefox in Firefox 3.0 back in 2008, the ability to save the same bookmark multiple times to different folders was removed from the UI - unless the user learned the undocumented feature of drag'n'drop into the sidebar view or the drop-down to save the new bookmark multiple times into different folders.

I could never wrap my mind around the concept of using Tags, partially because I had an extensive group of bookmarks already when the Tags feature was added and it would have been too time consuming to add Tags to my existing bookmarks.