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Does Firefox have a sandbox

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I am using FF 39.0.3, read where IE and Chrome were using a sandbox feature, I guess kind of like running in their own VM. Then in about:config I do see dom.ipc.plugins.sandbox.default which I left alone. My policy is if I don't know what I am doing- do nothing.

My question does FF have a sandbox feature I know nothing about?

Currently on Windows 7 64 bit. Using NoScripts.

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hi Jer, firefox will run plugins like flash in a separate sandboxed process and there are mechanisms to isolate content from different websites from each other. the firefox process itself doesn't run in a VM... not sure if this answers your question or you are looking for more details on the subject.

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Thanks, is what I wanted to know. It seems a good idea to run FF in a VM so as far as it is concerned there is nothing else to wander off to and nose around. But it is what it is, thanks for your reply.

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If you are using Firefox on a personal/home computer, you can use software like the following to help protect Windows from your browsers:

https://www.malwarebytes.org/antiexploit/ (free version)

It isn't a full sandbox or VM, so routine access to settings and folders is not inhibited, but they say it stops anything serious. I haven't tried it myself.

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Are there any plans to sandbox Firefox as this seems to be a general security vulnerability of the browser. Chrome and Safari don't need to work in a VM environment yet provide it. By far, Firefox is my preferred browser but this does bother me....should I be?

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yes, mozilla is working to transform firefox into a multi-process browser. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Electrolysis

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My Webroot software has a Safestart Sandbox which I have never used, guess I am not actually that worried, but am interested as seems like a good idea. I do use NoScripts which gives some comfort.