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Can't put HTML5 Youtube to Fullscreen without Firefox Crashing.

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Every time I attempt to put Youtube into Fullscreen mode Firefox crashes. The only add-on I have is U Block. I've already run a fresh install of Firefox, and it still crashes upon trying to fullscreen. I am running Yosemite on a Macbook Pro 2010. Youtube works fine in the Safari browser, and all other video types (Silverlight for Netflix) work fine on Firefox.

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Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web Link} by holding down the <Shift>
(Mac Options)
key, and then starting Firefox. Is the problem still there?

While in Safe Mode,

Some of your crash reports weren’t sent to the Mozilla Servers.

In the address bar, type about:crashes<enter>. Note: If any reports do not have BP in front of the numbers/letters, click it and select Submit.

Using your mouse, mark the most resent 7 - 10 crash reports, and copy them. Now go to the reply box below and paste them in.


If you have problems with current Shockwave Flash plugin versions then check this:

  • see if there are updates for your graphics drive drivers


  • disable protected mode in the Flash plugin (Flash 11.3+ on Windows Vista and later)


  • disable hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin

https://forums.adobe.com/thread/891337 See also:

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Date Submitted bp-34d0b06e-c8a7-40d2-97b6-38d752150721 7/21/15 6:28 PM bp-dcb17bba-7a41-4e59-ae9d-9a6682150721 7/21/15 3:41 PM bp-5223eef4-ad48-40a7-89e2-99c402150721 7/21/15 3:34 PM bp-5ea25300-d349-47b4-a456-723fc2150721 7/21/15 12:22 AM bp-11269c55-8829-4705-9b4c-b2b0f2150721 7/20/15 9:28 PM bp-ad761bb6-eb27-40bd-8dda-ecb692150721 7/20/15 9:27 PM bp-b7b593de-0d54-42f8-ae3c-e94fd2150721 7/20/15 9:27 PM

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I've tried all of your suggestions and the problem still occurs - even in safe mode. I don't think this is an issue with flash, because its an HTML5 video and it works fine except in fullscreen.

Thanks for your suggestions, and if you have any more I'd be happy to try them out too!

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The crash report flagged these programs;

Signature objc_msgSend | CoreFoundation Signature CFRelease | __CFTypeCollectionRelease









libsystem_malloc.dylib = unknown Mac ?



libsystem_kernel.dylib =  ? Word for Mac




For some time now, a lot of Mac’s with Microsoft programs have been crashing. Check with Microsoft / Mac support sites.

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