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How can I get search working on this site?

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I am still looking for accessibility fixes. I have sensory processing issues, and all the animation online *hurts,* so I need ways to disable animation.

If I search for accessibility, it returns results involving access to this or that, unrelated to accessibility for disabled users.

If I search for disable animation accessibility -access it still returns results involving access to this or that... What is a point of searches if the results don't involve important search terms and contain excluded terms?

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Depending on which search engine you use there are some exclusion notations you can use.

Google "Similarly, if you want to exclude a word entirely, you can add a dash before it—like justin bieber -sucks " -> might also try http://www.google.com/accessibility/labs/search/

Bing and Yahoo "a keyword using the NOT operator."

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It's worse.

It seems that the "Search Mozilla Support" bar returns results containing *any* of the search terms.

One search term is hardly ever enough to find relevant results. Multiple search terms don't narrow the results, they only add more irrelevant results.

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On that note, why is advanced/functional search hidden away?

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You can find "Advanced Search" as one of many additional items if you click "Contributors Tools" at the top of this page when you are logged on.