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Word wrap no longer works in text boxes.

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I see others noting this problem beginning in March 2015, but no solutions.

Just updated to 39.0, still the problem.

No word wrap within a text posting box on a website, instead the sentence just continues scrolling horizontally.

Apparently Firefox began doing this with 36.0.1.

Was hoping it would be fixed in the newest version, but no.

A search found this post with an illustration of the problem, in case anything is unclear:


How could this not have been fixed between March and July?

How do I get word wrap within a text box?


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The textbox calculates a max width. It wraps for me on this site.

There are some creative css available that changes this:

See also: -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box;

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Current releases (36+) support the white-space property for a text area and it is possible that the website uses white-space: pre instead of white-space: pre-wrap. The former will prevent Firefox from wrapping the text.

You can check that in the Inspector via the right-click context menu.


The white-space property is now working on <textarea> HTML elements (bug 82711).

See also: