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Can you implement "go to page" on saved passwords window?

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more options

I want to check if old pages from saved passwords window are still available...

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more options

Hi cv178, I think there are workarounds that should help you.

I am not sure I see a popular use case for such a new feature. It's already fairly easy to find the page using bookmarks or the location bar.

You may of course bookmark the pages, that you use passwords on. You could even add a bookmarks tag to them to make them easy to find.

If you are probably aware you may easily list the passwords and pages

That does give a few sort options and although you may not directly copy and paste the site address; or click for a go to page you may keep the display dialogue window open whilst typing into the location bar.

There may even be an addon that does this already, there are thousands to look through though, quite a lot just on passwords. If you feel strongly about this consider posting in the wish list.