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I am having trouble using facebook with firefox. Everytime I go to faecbook in my firefox browser I get, what appears to be, pixilated emoji's accross my screen

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pixelated emojis appear whenever I go to facebook when using firefox. This doesn't happen with other browsers. The emojis sometimes remain on my screen even after I have closed firefox. but go away if I can change the screen. Again, these things only appear when going to facebook while using firefox. They do not appear on any other website and do not appear when using a different browser on facebook.

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Please update to the most recent version of Firefox:

Then if it continues, it sounds like a graphics issue.

  1. First try Firefox in Safe Mode to see if there is an issue with an add on or hardware acceleration.
  2. Upgrade your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL
  3. Remove cookies and history from facebook.com by visiting about:permissions in a new url and click "Forget this Site" (what is removed cannot be recovered. )