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Firefox wont open pdf's - tried most of the helps topic, none worked

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Since a week or so, FireFox hasnt been able to open pdf's anymore in the browser. The page goes blank, nothing happens. Im still able to right click a pdf and do a Save-as action though. Ive read several other topics, and tried some things like changing preferences on which program should open the pdf, or how it should be opened (or rather saved as). None of them worked.

One solution I havent tried, which might work, but should be my last resort, would be to uninstall and re-install FF. Hope to see if someone has a tip on thow to change this.

Note: not so long ago I updated Adobe to the latest version (v2015), which is actually named 'Adobe Acrobat Reader DC' now.

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The "Refresh Firefox" option managed to undo the problem. Although all my addons are gone, the seetings and tabs are still there, so this has been a good workaround. Thanks for the tip.