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Mozilla script unresponsive

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I too have a firefox that spends a lot of its time 'not responding' This occasion I got an unresponsive script for what appears to be a Mozilla script? Script: https://support.cdn.mozilla.ne…tatic/wiki-min.bebb2f0f5251.js:1

Maybe thats helps on why it is unresponsive?

Anyway, I'll go do the normal stuff - probably a reset.

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Hi Rincewindwiz, How did the reset work out?

For a nice reference to all the other stuff see:

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Reset didn't fit (all of) it. still get it - but it always was occasional. I've been away for a week so not so much usage uas usual. I'll give it a few more days and post back

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OK 5 days further on the problem still exists.

Occasionally I get an unresponsivke script message but mostly it just freezes for several ( 20 - 30) seconds. Seems to have bad periods when it is quite common and then it will work normally for a while.

Will keep a log and see if there is a pattern buit nothing obvious

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OK several days further on and the charateristics are clearer. The worst sife by far is POF.com. Chrome and IE load very quickly, FF is still 'not responding' after a couple of minutes - and that is just to get teh home page up.

Occasionally the home page appears and then I get not responding. If I go make cofee it will usually sort itself out but . . . . . .

Any ideas

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Will no one at Mozilla address this problem and tell users about it? It's a huge defect and it will drive me, for one, to another browser.