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saved passwords from my pc can be easily hacked.More security can be added to that,as the number of hackers is increasing eventuaIt can be made better than now

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As we know that everyone wants save passwords for many websites,even though we have email assistance if we lose our passwords but saved passwords from pc can be easily hacked in mozilla.This may not be seen in chrome.More security can be added to that,as the number of hackers is increasing eventually .It can be made better than what MOZILLA is using.

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Thanks for bringing this up. The Firefox Accounts feature, which currently syncs settings, bookmarks, tabs, and other things, will soon be able to sync username and password information.

When Firefox Sync is used, your passwords will be stored, heavily encrypted, in the cloud. This will be more secure than storing them in cleartext on your local machine.

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Actually is Firefox more secure than Google Chrome when it comes to saving passwords. Google Chrome uses the Windows system storage to store the passwords and all passwords can be accessed at any time once you are logged on to the Windows user account. In Firefox you can set a Master Password that needs to be entered to have access to the passwords. If necessary you can log out of the software security device to prevent access by canceling a prompt to enter the MP like when you click the Show Password button in the Password Manager.