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Flash Player Doesn't Work on Random Sites

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I have the latest Flash Player Plug-in but it seems to work on some sites and not others. It's generally fine for YouTube but my son likes to play on happyclicks.net and it doesn't work there . It also doesn't work on videos embedded in forums.

Below are all the add-ons etc I run.

I've tried disabling VLC but it still doesn't work. Once though I switched it to never activate Flash. Closed the browser started it again then put it to always activate and then it worked normally for a time.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I tested this on the release version of this sites and some of the games are more responsive than others. Please also contact the developer of the site if you see this happening on other browsers.

If Flash has been allowed on some sites and not others, check the puzzle piece in the url bar of happyclicks and see if it has been blocked in the permissions tab of the page information menu.