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Shockwave out of date on Windows XP and won't update due to certificates being out of date.

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"Flash Player Plugin between 11.0 and 11.7.700.169 (click-to-play) has been blocked for your protection." Gosh, thanks a heap.

Plug-in is listed as outdated. When I attempt to update the plugin, the warning appears and offers no recourse. When I go directly to Adobe, the downloads fail authentication and it turns out they're only partial files of less than 300Kb.

Running a single core P4 about 1 ghz 4gb RAM and WinXP. I am poor.

I found a prior article with a similar set of problems, and it suggested moving up to XP SP1 (Undoubtedly to renew outdated certificates) or abandoning Firefox.

Well, I don't WANT to abandon Firefox as Opera and Chrome don't have the good plug-ins and are even worse memory hogs. Also, I'm using XP SP3 so there's nothing to update to from Microscrew. I just need the damn cert! I think... Don't know how to get it though.

To be crystal clear: No Adobe web presence will allow me a download. Not one. Even those sites advertising full installers are just proxies for a link to Adobe's server. If it has to be retrieved FROM ADOBE, I CANNOT DO IT due to the outdated certificate.

If anyone knows the locale of a full installer on some NON-ADOBE server somewhere, terrific. If you know how to update the certificate, wonderful. If you actually completely understand this entire problem and can explain it to me with instructions on what to repair and how, even better. BTW, all this stuff is the same for Acrobat...

Can anyone shed light on this horror show?

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I don't where you are trying to download Flash from, but @ <300kb it sounds like the online installer stub - not the full off-line installation package. I won't recommend a different website for Flash, as too many of the "old reliable" websites where you could get just about any program have been "jamming" users with unwanted "extras" for the last few years or have their own installers that download additional stuff without informing the user - sometimes at a later time or date, like a "time bomb".

Download the Extended Support Release - Flash Player , for one that is more compatible with WinXP than the latest 16.0.0305 version - from here. https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html Select Plugin-based browsers and download the EXE Installer.

Right-click the Download EXE Installer link and use Save Link As... Then make sure you close Firefox before trying to install Flash.