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Why does Firefox work better if I disable Cisco OpenH264?

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Videos embedded into webpages had started not playing for more than a couple of seconds. I could drag to a new part of the video and always the same thing. (No - it wasn't bufferering!)

BBC iplayer had the same problem.

I disabled the Cisco OpenH264 add-on and everything worked again.

I didn't turn it on so it must have happened in an upgrade. My settings are all straight out of the box - I'm not a computer expert - I use Firefox as it comes.

My question - is this normal? Have I solved my own problem or do I need OpenH264?

Thnaks, Andrew

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OpenH264 allows mp4s with that codec play more smoothly. Do you have an example url where this is happening to make sure that this is not a file type compatibility issue.

If it helps in regards of performance, does it help on most sites that you view? Are you using Flash for these videos instead? Does it also happen in Safe Mode?Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode