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I used to have bookmarks showing on a page called library

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It would have a group of URLS (in this case URLs for safelists). Each safelist had 3 entries on the same line: 1. Page name 2. Date last visited 3. Actual URL to the page

I could then right click on a line and get the option of opening the safelist in a new tab or on a new page.

It was very useful to me and I would dearly like to get this facility back.

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If you click on the Menu on the top of the screen called "Bookmarks", click on "Show all bookmarks" (This will list it by the last day accesses if you have the column showing)

However if this was an add on that you previously had, you might be able to search for a new one: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fire.../?q=bookmarks&platform=all&appver=35.0

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There is a star like button next to the search bar on the Navigation Toolbar to bookmark the current web page and a "Show your bookmarks" button next to it to open the Bookmarks in a drop down menu. You can find "Show All Bookmarks" to open the Bookmarks Manager (Library) at near the top of the drop-down list If you bookmark a page then "Bookmark This Page" in the Bookmarks menu as well as the tooltip of the star changes to "Edit This Bookmark".