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BUG: Bookmarks and Sync

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Since enabling sync on win7 Pro & win 8.1 Pro desktops, win8.1 laptop & Macbook Pro Mavericks: -Save new bookmark to specific folder -Attempt to 'create new folder' -Dialogue window locks up OR, how to explain, the existing folder where l want to make a new folder, opens to rename. The only way out of this is to cancel. The only work around is to open bookmarks manager, add the new folder there and then go back to find the folder in tree and bookmark the page. Far too messy.

I've experienced this for some months now, yet haven't bothered to report it thinking that an update would fix it. It hasn't and it is becoming very annoying. The only other way l have yet to try is to disable sync and manually enable it on occassions to sync between devices.


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I was trying to reproduce this and could not, but I was using a VM. In order to narrow down the root cause, may I please request that you try to sync with addons disabled? Does this happen in Safe Mode? Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode

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So I tested in safe mode and exactly the same result. Safe mode>click on bookmark star>on folder, right hand click down button>go to any folder to add a subfolder on tree>click 'new folder' bottom left>the folder will open to enable rename. Can't add new folder. I hope you can understand my convoluted explanation..

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Got it, it created in the bookmark drop down icon, but does not appear in the sidebar, weird! Filing a bug atm be back shortly.

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Ok, thanks, though l was trying to make a folder through using the 'star' next to the bookmarks dropdown so l could - make folder and bookmark in one step as there is seems to be no way to bookmark from the drop down bookmark icon.