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Any chance on getting Firefox browser 64 bit in the near future?

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Just that most of the software are changing to 64 bits. Was hoping If we could have Firefox browser 64 bit, but with 32 bit just in case some software don't have 64 bit..

I just don't see why not have Firefox 64 bit :)

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hello xswordsmanx, mozilla is working on it so you should see firefox 64 bit builds sometime in the future, but there is no fixed schedule as of yet... https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mozilla.dev.platform/7tEPeFU4TMI

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I rather they take it slowly so they can get it right. :) I rather use Firefox 64bit once Window 10 come out. Even though Window 10 got new browser.. But I rather use Firefox browser instead..

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The earliest Release to have Win64 may be Firefox 37.0 in a first phase.

It has not been a priority since one does not need 64-bit Firefox in order to use Firefox on 64-bit Windows.

There has been 64-bit Firefox for Mac OSX (combined 32/64) and Linux since Firefox 4.0 as it was both easier to do and was needed.

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Sooner the better for a 64bit version of Firefox for Windows. I'm allowed to use Firefox at work but the officially supported browser is IE. One of our line of business apps requires 64bit Java 8 which requires 64bit browsers. I'd like to stay on Firefox for all my business needs but I'm getting pushed into IE or Chrome for apps like this.

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At the time there is not going to be Win64 for Firefox 38.0 Release on Tuesday. There has been Win64 builds of 37.0b# and 38.0b# on the Beta channel so it is close.

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Thanks. I'll give the beta a try and let you guys know if I run into any problems. No news is good news.